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Timothy John D. Matoy,RRT TOP1 interview

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Timothy John D. Matoy,RRT TOP1 interview

Post by J.Angkang on Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:01 am


Jose Generoso T. Angkang exposes him for a talk.

From the mega tarpaulin outside of the campus, to the magnificent corridor of the RTLab, to the fine walls of room 210, into the RT faculty room, even to the abysmal world of the darkroom roars the pride and glory of the finest RT graduates in Davao Doctors College history.

Timothy John D. Matoy,RRT has landed Top 1 of the latest Rad. Tech. NationalLicensure Examination last June 2009 with the highest rating of 91.2% among all the examinees. In his internship year, he was awarded the “Mostoutstanding RT Intern and Award of Merit for exemplary performance on GeneralRadiography” He now works at the countries’ most prestigious hospitals, St. Luke’s, Manila.

*The interview was done via phone call and internet communication last July 11, 2009 at 6:19pm.

Would you consider yourself as studious?
“hmm..i think most of the time, i consider myself as studious because i am a student. studious ako kasi pag may bakanteng oras yung mga idle time sa school, sayang kasi yun for example yung oras ng klase, tapos biglang aalis yung instructor..maiiwan kayo for how many minutes.....imbis mag tsismisan, magbasa ka na lang, pero ako nagbabasa lang ako pag nasa mood lang talaga ako...hindi ko pinipilit...kasi kung pipilitin mo, wala ring papasok sa utak mo.”

Do you consider yourself as well-rounded? Why?
“oo... i consider myself as a man of principlebasta mali… mali, mali talga...kapag tama, tama...kapag may pinaniniwalaan ako na tama...i stand by it no matter what....kahit buhay ko pa ang nakataya...pero im not saying that im perfect....marami rin akong mga palpak.....ginagawa ko to, di lang para sa sarili ko pati na rin sa mga pamilya at sa mga ibang tao believe it or not, sensitive ako para sa mga ibang tao kaya careful ako sa mga actions ko.”

From whom did you learn youplaced top 1 on the board exam?
“June 5 yata, friday in the evening....galing kami sa green hills kasama ko yung kaklase ko...may nagtext sa akin mga 3 from different person at saka sa taga ibang school na ako daw ung top 1 di naman ako naniniwala kasi wala pang official...”

When you knew you gained the 1st place of the board exam, what were your reactions?
“sa physical reaction, wala lang....nagsmile lang... pero deep inside masayang masaya......di kc ako maxado makapagexpress physically kasi di naman ako emotional..hehe”

After, taking the board exam, have you ever thought of being included in top 10? or even landing #1?
“honestly speaking ha...dati pa since i was a student....i was aspiring talaga to become a top i worked for it...and it payed dati pa talga ako nageexpect...kasi goal ko talga na maging top 1 di naman sa pagmamayayabang...pero after that exam, i was dissapointed kasi naman ang dali dali ng exam, kasi iniisip ko kasi yung competition para maging top 1. since madali lang yung exam, i thought na kunti lang yung mga lamang..mga points marami kami mag aagawan sa place.”

What were you preparations for the board exam?
“preparations...since nung nagstart ako as radtech student..binasa ko na yung mga books..... ung intro to radtech, natapos ko na yan...pero binalikbalik ko pa...mga 4 times ko yata naulit yan tapos ung yung mga major subjects ng 2nd year and 1 st year...minaster ko tapos ung pag ka 3rd year,pinagaralan ko lahat ng mabuti... si bushong mga 3 times ko na nabasa cover to cover,si ballinger 1 and 2...about 4 times...tapos ung ballinger 3, mga kalahati lang.”

You're carrying our school's name as a top 1 RT topnotcher, how do you feel? , What changed in your life?
“Slightly pressured lang sa tuwing naiisip ko un...kasi naman, honestly its not a big deal naman for me....wala namang significant changes sa aking life...ung nagiba lang, may nakakabit na na top 1 sa name ko...pero di ko naman yun iniisip…what matters to me is that i know what i am doing is right. un lang basta gingawa ko lang ung best ko kung ano lang yung much as possible di dapat makagawa ng

You're now entering St. Luke's Hospital, how does it feel to become part of one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country?

“Sa tuwing maiisip ko un, i feel proud kahit papano...pero its not a big deal ulit....kasi ang gusto ko talga makapagwork sa public hospital, kasi kawawa ung mga patiente dun, i think kelangan nila ng mas maraming care kay sa patiente d2 sa st lukes...kaya lang ako nandito kasi, experience. at saka tumawag sila sa akin.....sila ung nauna tumawag sa akin at nakakahiya naman na tangghihan ko baka isipin nila nagpapresyo

What motivated you to take BSRT in the 1st place?
“dati ako na nursing student then i shifted to IT in Addu..tapos nung nalaman ko about the course...ung mga x-ray...i was fascinated lang sa mga machine tapos ung mga radiographs na nakikita ko every physical exams kaya un. parang nursing and IT combined,.....ung hospital course na related sa technology.”

What role did DDC play in your success?
“malaki, siyempre kung wala ung ddc....wala din akong matutunan about sa rad tech..... tapos aside sa mga academics na na acquire ko sa mga lessons....ung mga words of wisdom ng mga faculty at noong mga ibang superiors na rin jan, nakatulong ng malaki para mamotivate ako.”

What did you do about the P100,000 cash incentive from DDC?
“pinadala ko jan sa davao sa mama ko kasi kelangan nya ung natira sa ginamit ko panggastos.wala na yun ngayon, binayad na sa hospital kasi may cerebral aneurysm ung mama ooperahan pa siya.”

What are your future plans?
“plan ko while i am here in st lukes..mag eenroll ako ng masteral, its either sa physics or education...that will be within 2 years..tapos after that, its either mag aabroad ako or magpproceed sa med...tapos jan lang muna sa davao o abroad kung makayanan.”

Your message to the RT students
“if you want to achieve something then do something....sana kayo lahat magtotop kung pwede tapos icontinue nyo lang ung RT tradition na nasa top palage....pero always keep your feet on the ground......
kahit ano mangyari kelangan natin magpakahumble....di lang natin sarili ang dahilan kaya tayo successful...there are always people behind us..... tapos always pray to God...di ka nya pabbyaan kahit ako nga...hehe.”

With grand inspiring moments and words of wisdom, the interview ended by 8:17pm, Tim was also getting ready for his speech during the interview for the oath taking ceremonies which was delivered by the following day, July 12,2009 at the Manila Hotel.

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Re: Timothy John D. Matoy,RRT TOP1 interview

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:31 pm

nice interview.. well for a fact he is really aiming for Numero uno.. the first time i've met him he is kind of a shy person, but very smart. afro

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Re: Timothy John D. Matoy,RRT TOP1 interview

Post by J.Angkang on Sun Aug 09, 2009 4:38 pm

thank you admin! i had a great time talking to this guy, very humble at the same time very determined. you can really learn something more than lessons when you talk to this kind of people. what i can say also for the whole duration of the interview that IT IS VERY HEALTHY TO TALK TO PEOPLE WITH SENSE"

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Re: Timothy John D. Matoy,RRT TOP1 interview

Post by Sponsored content

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